In addition to providing design and engineering services to our community we are always developing ideas of our own. Here is a list of products our talented team have brought to market.

Green Board is a fresh take on sustainably sourced bamboo cutting boards that is unlike any other. Includes hooks for biodegradable shopping bags as well as custom-made drop-in storage containers.

Glacious LE gives the home enthusiast the ability to create masterfully crafted cocktails by  beautifully crafting a 2.4" sphere of ice in less than a minute.  

The HEXOshelf is a modular shelving system designed to allow your shelf to grow along with your needs.  

The ToneRite is the world's most advanced and premier play-in device, ToneRite can significantly accelerate the play-in process

The Chill Bit fits into any standard drill and lets you Spin a single beverage in ice, rapid cooling it in less than a minute.

The Spin Chill spins cans and bottles in ice to increase heat transfer and get your drinks cold 20 times faster than usual.

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